Mirada Benedetti

Mirada Benedetti

Mirada Benedetti

Montevideo by Mario Benedetti, the one he knew by heart, which helped to exist. He lives and will live on the streets and neighborhoods of Montevideo forever. Mario's gaze beats on those who inhabited and still inhabit the city. We invite you to discover Montevideo through it.

Montevideo from your home

Montevideo desde tu casa

Montevideo from your home

We continue to take care of each other, avoiding crowds in closed places, that is why we offer you a large number of virtual activities so that you continue visiting and getting to know the best places Montevideo has to offer, without missing out on anything

Covid 19

Due to the measures adopted by the national and departmental government regarding Covid-19, some of the tourist attractions are closed or with reduced hours. Please check its operation daily through the communication channels of each of them.

Montevideo awaits you, plan your trip

The city invites you to discover all the places it has for you. Through the smart planner you can inform yourself and organize everything you need to get the best out of your visit.

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The typical of Montevideo


We drink mate all the time, in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. If it rains, if it is hot, all the time.

The roast

For the Uruguayans, the roasted meat not only has a nutritional function but also a social one.

Safety pins

During your visit you cannot leave these places out

Feel montevideo

Discover Montevideo and turned your trip into an experience full of emotions.