Accessible Montevideo


Montevideo carries out several coordinated actions with different organizations in order to promote inclusive tourism in all its aspects. 

A main goal in the tourist agenda of the destination is to provide a tourism suitable for people with any type of limitation, whether due to advanced age, disability or special eating conditions such as celiac disease or diabetes.

In 2017, the 1st Accessibility Plan of Montevideo was published, which aims to improve accessibility for all, with concrete action policies in urban planning and mobility, participation, equality and inclusion.

The Accessibility Plan for Inclusion is an instrument that defines the management goals of the Municipality of Montevideo with a strategic perspective; starting from the rights and demands of people, generating information for making definitions, becoming a tool for evaluation, monitoring and transparency in management.

Thus, this plan seeks to achieve a Montevideo suitable for the enjoyment of all inhabitants and tourists, regardless of their limitation. In order to promote the integration of tourists to the environment and improve the experience of those who visit the city, different policies are being carried out to generate a more accessible city, such as the adaptation of squares for greater accessibility and the establishment of accessible taxis, among others.

3rd Ibero-American Summit on Accessible Tourism

Montevideo was selected as the venue for the 3rd edition of the Ibero-American Summit on Accessible Tourism, which took place on September 19 and 20, 2019 in the Blue Room of the Montevideo City Hall Conference Center.

The meeting was organized by the Municipality of Montevideo and the Ibero-American Accessible Tourism Network, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay, the World Tourism Organization, the Organization of American States and the Ibero-American General Secretariat.

The goal of the summit was to ensure this type of tourism is recognized as a right of everyone, including those with some type of disability or reduced mobility, as well as a business opportunity for the tourism industry.

The summit was attended by more than 400 people, 40 panelists and lecturers from 12 countries, national and international administrations.

Accessible Beach

On September 20, 2019, within the framework of the 3rd Ibero-American Summit on Accessible Tourism, the first fully accessible point was inaugurated at Pocitos Beach, located on Rambla República del Perú and Manuel Vicente Pagola.

It has the following services:

• Parking places reserved for people with disabilities
• Close to public transport
• Access ramps connected to the walkway
• Wooden walkway
• Removable rubber track to shore
• Accessible bathrooms and changing table
• Rest and shade area
• Amphibious chairs

Accessible places in Montevideo

On the following website you will find accessible places in Montevideo, such as squares, museums, theaters, among other public and private places suitable for everyone:

You can also download the “Guía de Turismo Accesible” (Accessible Tourism Guide), where you will find all the information about some of these places the city offers.


Below you can download the 1st Accessibility Plan for more information.