Torre de las comunicaciones


The name of this neighborhood comes from the lavish sandy areas in waterways and wells, where the residents of the walled city were supplied with water.

The majestic building of the Legislative Palace and the Telecommunications Tower are located in this neighborhood. The Montevideo Agricultural Market, recently remodeled, is located next to the Legislative Palace.

Montevideo Agricultural Market (MAM)

It is the only retail shopping center destined mainly to the commercialization of fruits and vegetables, fresh products and various foods, with a gastronomic sector that offers typical dishes and shops dedicated to the sale of Uruguayan souvenirs and handicrafts. It was declared a National Historic Monument in 1999. In 2013, when it was 100 years old, it was reopened, becoming one of the largest restorations carried out in Montevideo in recent years.

Legislative Palace

Inaugurated in 1925, it is a monumental-looking construction that houses the seat of the Legislative Power. Its symbology and neoclassical architectural style represent the democratic values ​​of the nation. Sculptures, reliefs and other works of art coexist with the Chamber of Senators and the Chamber of Deputies.

Telecommunications Tower /Old Train Station

The 160-meter-high tower with modern aesthetics, along with four other buildings, houses the headquarters of the public telecommunications company ANTEL.

Inside the complex there is a panoramic viewpoint. Likewise, there are the murals that the Torres García Workshop made on the walls of the Saint Bois Hospital.

There is also an indoor plaza for public use and an auditorium with capacity for 370 people. Nearby is the Old General Artigas Central Train Station, built in the 1890s. Half a kilometer north of it is the new station, which follows the aesthetics of its neighboring Telecommunications Tower.

Aguada Aguada

-34.891939, -56.194722

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