barrio sur y palermo

These two neighborhoods are known as the cradle of Afro-Uruguayan culture and the rhythm called Candombe.

When the city began to expand outside the limits of the Old City wall, the Afro community began to settle in these two picturesque and colorful neighborhoods, which are located on the promenade and a few meters from Downtown.

In these neighborhoods there are the collective houses in which that African community settled and which were known as conventillos. Conventillo Mediomundo in Barrio Sur and Reus al Sur Complex in Palermo were the cradle of two rhythmic variations of Candombe: the Cuareim rhythm and the Ansina rhythm.

Emilio Reus, of Spanish origin, was the one who built several of these accessible homes for this community and for the large number of Italian, Spanish and other European immigrants, who also left their mark on the name of the neighborhood: Palermo.

We find in this area of ​​the city several cultural centers related to candombe, and it is also a rehearsal place for "comparsas" such as the famous Cuareim 1080.


Places to visit

Central Cemetery

Inaugurated in 1835, through its architectural beauty you can go through the 19th century, because you can appreciate styles from Romanticism to Art Nouveau. It also constitutes a walk through the history of the country, because in the National Pantheon the remains of emblematic figures of the country's politics and culture are protected, such as José Enrique Rodó, Pedro Figari, Mario Benedetti, among others.

Pedestrian Curuguaty

Known as Pedestrian of Candombe. It begins at Carlos Gardel Square, located at the intersection of Gonzalo Ramírez Ave. with Zelmar Michelini St., and extends southeast to the corner of Héctor Gutiérrez Ruiz and José María Roo streets. Today, the pedestrian area preserves a large part of its historical buildings and its old cobblestones and has several murals related to Candombe and important figures of Uruguayan music.

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International Book Fair

Annual event that concentrates a huge variety of publications for all ages.

Bodega Familia Dardanelli
Experiencia turística recomendada por la Asociación Turística de Montevideo. 


La bodega fue fundada en 1949 por Constante Dardanelli; años más tarde sus hijos comenzaron a utilizar una nueva forma en la producción de vino.