The city offers different urban and natural places of high scenic and cultural value that are perfect for cycling. 

It is suggested to cycle the 25 kilometers of Rambla (coastline), which passes through Barrio Sur, Palermo, Parque Rodó, Punta Carretas, Pocitos, Buceo, Malvín, Punta Gorda and Carrasco neighborhoods.


Ride & Bike Rentals

You can rent bikes by hour or day and / or take a guided tour on them.


Orange Bike 

(+598) 91 366 377 - (+598) 2908 8286


Bike Tours Uruguay 

(+598) 99 591 519


Cycling through the city

A virtual map is available and contains the existing infrastructure for the circulation of bicycles through the city and the bicycle racks in use.

Enter the following link to see the map:


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