Cannabis Museum

Museo del Cannabis de Montevideo
Tourist experience recommended by the Montevideo Tourist Association.


The Museum is located in the south part of the city, less than 10 blocks from the main avenue, 18 de Julio, and also from the coastline.

It is an area recognized as emerging for its design and its growth in gastronomic and cultural proposals.

It has a botanical garden where the diversity of uses and products derived from the cannabis plant is reported and displayed.

In addition, the museum highlights the importance of freedom and promotes the culture of peace and harmony that has historically been linked to cannabis. Biological and cultural diversity is promoted there. It seeks to spread knowledge about other important plants for human culture: yerba mate, native fruits, cacti, among others. It actively promotes the dissemination of music, plastic arts and other cultural expressions.

Inside the museum there is a cafeteria that is open during the hours in which the museum is in operation, there you can experience the flavors that the plant offers.



Durazno 1784 esq. Yaro

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All audiences

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