Casino Parque Hotel


First casino in South America

The current building, completely restored, dates from around 1900. In 1930 Juan Antonio Scasso –architect among other great works of the Centenario Stadium, the Experimental School of Malvín and the current Naval School– designed and built the municipal restaurant "El Retiro del Parque Rodó", completely reformulating the complex and proposing an arrangement very similar to the original.
The successive extensions and modifications were made maintaining the architectural language: gabled roofs of French tiles, wooden structures, semicircular arches and facades with textured white plaster. Parties, carnival balls, shows and film screenings took place in the El Retiro restaurant.

In 1975 Parque Rodó, including the El Retiro building, was declared a National Historical Monument.

Starting in 1986, the building hosted the "Casa de Andalucía" Civil Association, the name and function by which it was known until the installation of the Casino Parque Hotel.

In the first casino in South America you can find the best gaming equipment, constantly renewed,with a very attractive offer with various games and live show proposals.


Joaquin de Salterain 930

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12:00 a 2:00 hs.
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All audiences