Cultural agenda

Carnival in Uruguay is the most important popular festival of the year.

It takes place at the end of January on 18 de Julio Av.

Every February 2, the beaches of Montevideo receive a huge group of people who gather to celebrate the goddess of the sea, Iemanjá.

Design Month is celebrated in June.

It is celebrated throughout September.

It is celebrated on the last Friday of September. 

Documentary Week is the space for exhibitions of Latin American documentaries.

It is an international farming, agro-industrial and commercial exhibition.

During December, taking advantage of the spring afternoons and the eve of the end of the year festivities, craft and flea markets are set up in different parks of the city.

It is celebrated annually in the month of October.

The Figari Museum found another way to interact with its visitors beyond virtuality.

Annual event that concentrates a huge variety of publications for all ages.

It takes place from December to January at the Teatro de Verano (open-air theatre).

More than 40 museums and exhibition halls await you in Montevideo to offer you memorable cultural experiences.

The Montevideo Marathon takes place every year in April, in three distances: marathon, half marathon and 10k.

It is an event that is held annually with the aim of promoting the museums of the country.

With this name, agreed upon in conversations at the beginning of 2019, we wanted to meet music professionals who had and have hunger and attitude for many essential things that, to our astonishment, continue to be absent from the professional music scene in Uruguay.

Every December 3, the National Candombe, Afro-Uruguayan Culture and Racial Equity Day is celebrated.

Every year, on August 24, the biggest party in the country is held. In there old times are remembered.

The best Uruguayan and regional horsemen get together in the Prado Creole Week, which is visited by more than 200 thousand people every year.

Since 1889, it has been held annually on January 6 (Three Kings Day) at the Maroñas National Racetrack.

It is a street parade in which Saint Baltasar is honored and takes place on January 6, the Three Kings Day in our country.

It takes place in June.

Montevideo has a lot to offer!

We suggest attractions, walks and outdoor tours to discover all the charm that the city has.

This gastronomic festival takes place in the month of June in the wineries of our country.

The International Film Festival of Uruguay is held every year in April.

The Photography Center (Centro de Fotografía in spanish) proposes a virtual tour in 3D through the exhibition “Africamericanos” (African American).

It is the main tango event in our country and the oldest in the world in continuity.

This popular festival of candombe takes place on the first Thursday and Friday of February.

International Film Festival on Sexual Diversity and Gender in Uruguay.