The name of this neighborhood comes from the lavish sandy areas in waterways and wells, where the residents of the walled city were supplied with water.

Parque Rodó has a smart app that offers a new experience to those who visit one of the most valued and frequented spaces in the city.

These two neighborhoods are known as the cradle of Afro-Uruguayan culture and the rhythm called Candombe.

The historic building belongs to the governement of the city and stands out for its architectural values, having been declared a National Historical Heritage in 1975.

First casino in South America

They are the neighborhoods that extend from the Independence Square to the Obelisco (Obelisk), with 18 de Julio Avenue as the main road.

Neighborhoods located north of Montevideo that have a strong link with the railroad and the rural area of the city.

These three neighborhoods stretch peacefully over a long extension to the east of the coastline of the city of Montevideo.

This neighborhood owes its name to the José Batlle y Ordóñez Park, which is surrounded by the neighborhood. 

These three neighborhoods extend in part of the coastline of Montevideo to the east.

Prado neighborhood is traditionally associated with the rich aristocracy society of the 19th century.