Downtown and Cordón

Plaza Cagancha

They are the neighborhoods that extend from the Independence Square to the Obelisco (Obelisk), with 18 de Julio Avenue as the main road.

During the week they are very busy due to the fact that various commercial, cultural and administrative activities take place there.

18 de Julio Avenue

It is the main avenue of the city. In its surroundings, a large part of Montevideo's economic-administrative and commercial activity is concentrated, where you can buy products both in large national and international stores and in artisan markets. For architecture lovers, it is a walk that concentrates magnificent expressions of art deco and art nouveau.

Cagancha Square

Located on 18 de Julio Avenue between General Rondeau Avenue and the Human Rights Passage, it owes its name to a battle fought in 1835 between the armies of Gral. Rivera and the Government of Buenos Aires.

Popularly called Plaza de la Libertad, after the central monument, Column of Peace, made by the Italian sculptor José Livi, in 1867.

It was the first public monument in the city. It also arises as the main square of the New City, despite undergoing different transformations throughout its history, it continues to be the geographical heart of Montevideo and marks the km. 0 of the country's road system.

Numerous acts, celebrations, protests and human rights demonstrations are held there.

Fabini Square

Tribute to the Uruguayan engineer and politician Juan Pedro Fabini, it is also known as Plaza del Entrevero due to the monument in honor of the anonymous combatants of the wars of independence made by the Uruguayan sculptor José Belloni and inaugurated in 1967. It is located at Av. July 18 between Río Negro and Julio Herrera y Obes.

33 Orientales Square

Located on Av. 18 de Julio between Magallanes and Minas, it is named in homage to the liberators who led the deed of the Landing of the Thirty-Three Orientales.

Also known as Plaza de los Bomberos because it is located in front of the Centennial Fire Department. In the square is the equestrian monument to Brig. Gral. Juan Antonio Lavalleja, head of the Liberating Crusade, made by the sculptor Máximo Lamela, as well as the monument that commemorates the meeting between Einstein and Vaz Ferreira in 1925 in Montevideo and a permanent shopping and handicraft tour.

Líber Seregni Urban Park

Located in Martin C. Martinez corner of Eduardo Victor Haedo, with which General Líber Seregni, a 20th century Uruguayan soldier and politician, is honored.

Inaugurated in 2009, this park is divided into three sectors: a plaza area with a waterfall and a pond, another sector with exotic and native flora species, and finally a park and recreation sector with a skate park and games for children, basketball court, etc. It has a park ranger service.

This park has Healthy Community Spaces and outdoor exercise equipment.

Immigrant Market

It is located in the center of Montevideo on San José street, on the corner of renta launches, where the Mercado de la Abundancia Cultural Center used to be, declared a National Historic Monument in 1976.

It is a place with history that is renewed while maintaining its essence. Restructured, it has new cultural proposals and more than 20 gastronomic venues, some have typical preparations from other regions of the world such as Japan, the Caribbean or the Middle East and others follow local recipes and prepare goats or pot meals.

There are also craft beers, drinks and wine, and coffee to enjoy in the morning or afternoon. In front of the food court there is a stage where musicians and dancers will perform and on the ground floor there is a small theater.

Tristán Narvaja Street Market

It is the largest and most popular fair in Montevideo, it takes place on Sunday mornings on Tristán Narvaja Street, and is one of the typical walks of the city.

The supply of articles is as wide and rich as it is extravagant. You can find books, CDs, pasta records, antiques, ornaments, spare parts, games, furniture, pets, fruits and vegetables, among other items.


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