Gastronomic Markets

Mercados Gastronómicos

Places where food, music, culture, stories and travels are combined through the flavors.

They were created to escape from the routine and go out, go for a walk indoors, have a drink or taste the classic and local foods, the healthy and natural food options or the typical dishes of other latitudes.

Gastronomic markets are a trend that continues to grow in our city and they provide a special seasoning to the afternoons and nights of the city: bringing together different generations in the same space.

Mercado del Puerto (Port Market)

Located in the Old City and open for more than a century, it is a mandatory walk for tourists and a meeting place for Uruguayans.

The gastronomic offer that stands out is the grilled meat, although it is possible to find others, such as seafood or empanadas (thin filled bread dough). You can also taste Uruguayan craft beers or buy souvenirs.

Address: Pérez Castellano and Rambla 25 de Agosto de 1825 St.



Mercado Agrícola de Montevideo - maM (Agricultural Market of Montevideo)

It was opened in 1913 in Goes neighborhood, working as a wholesale market for fruits and vegetables. In 2013 it reopened renovated with a large restoration work, upon reaching its 100th anniversary.

With a total of 100 stores and an attractive gastronomic space, the maM also allows the purchase of various supplies associated with gastronomy; from natural and gourmet products, flowers and plants, fruits and vegetables, meats, cold cuts, cheeses or seafood.

There also happens gastronomic demonstrations, exhibitions, talks, shows and there is a giant screen to watch football matches or other events related to our tradition.

Address: 2220 José L. Terra St.



Sinergia Design 

It is a shared workspace for designers from different branches. It is also the perfect excuse to meet couples, friends, families or work colleagues, since it is not only focused on design, but also includes cultural experiences, weekend events and a wide variety of gastronomic proposals.

Address: 2240 Victor Haedo St.



Mercado Ferrando 

An old furniture factory of 2,000 square meters, converted into a unique meeting point to stroll and enjoy the most diverse flavors and gastronomic experiences.

Hosting 18 gastronomic projects as diverse as the public that attends week by week, it is possible to find premium cuts of meat at Lateral, a selection of Peruvian and Mexican food at PutaParió, a large craft beer bar, Madirán, the wine store or the typical Spanish tapas and portions to share from Mundano, the Il Gufo pizzeria, waffles and churros from Boxes.

Address: 2120 Chaná St.



Mercado Siam

A space where gourmet specialties are combined with a distinguished atmosphere and the best vibes, with a DJ playing in the background or a live band.

Grilled meat, chivito (sandwich with beef and other ingredients) and hamburgers, salads, sushi, pizzas, gourmet cuisine, cafeteria, sweets and juices, craft beers, are some of the proposals they offer.

Address: 2466 F. García Cortinas St.



Mercado Williman

It is located in Punta Carretas neighborhood and offers to live the experience of savoring the best gastronomic proposals fused with an environment of music, entertainment, art and shows.

A place to eat without labels but respecting the marked gourmet trend of world gastronomy. You can find our grilled meats, traditional chivitos (sandwich with beef and other ingredients), pizzas, tapas or finger food, soup & sandwiches, fish, salads, or the inspiration of a chef. Coffee shop, pastry and artisan ice cream.

Address: 626 Claudio Williman St.



Mercado del Inmigrante 

The Immigrant Market is the first gastronomic market with 3 branches in Uruguay (Punta Carretas, Atlántida and La Costa). The Punta Carretas market has 14 gastronomic places, including a cafeteria, ice cream parlor, barbecue, pizzeria, hamburger, sushi and Mexican, among others. They are Pet Friendly.

Address: 2816 21 de Setiembre and Coronel Mora St.



Obra Mercado Gastronómico

Gastronomic point in the heart of Carrasco, where you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. You will also find a variety of craft beers, drinks and natural juices. You can also go with your pet, since it is pet friendly.

Address: 6437 Gabriel Otero St.


Mercado Negro

Mercado Negro dedicated to providing unforgettable moments and high quality gastronomic services, as well as first class craft beers, wines and cocktails.

Address: 2454 Solano García St.


Mercado del Prado 

Located in Prado neighborhood, it combines a wide offer such as a bar with brewery, drinks and wine, hamburgers, chivitos (sandwich with beef and other ingredients), milanesas (breaded meat), gourmet hot dogs and sausages, pizzas, wraps, seafood, artisan ice cream shop, creperie, raclettería (French melted cheese), Spanish, Mexican, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine, among other options.

It also has an outdoor garden to enjoy the fresh air.

Address: Joaquín Suárez and Hermanos Gil St.


Central Market

The historic Market of Abundance is renewed once again and opened its doors with a new name: Central Market.

The Central Market has 26 restaurants and bars with live shows. In its lower area there is a space for «young alternative culture» with seven stores with services, such as tattoo artists, a grow shop, a skater's clothing store, a hairdresser and sale of different items.

Address: 1312 San José St.



Arocena Market

In the heart of Barrio Carrasco neighborhood, in the traditional place of "La Conaprole"company, surrounded by grass, meters away from the Lawn Tennis and in front of the busy skate park of Grauert Parkt,  Arocena Market is located.

The market is part of the Arocena Square Complex, which also includes the La Tahona Club House, designed for residents who need a space to work or study between activities, a cowork and a Montevideo Beer Company bar.

It combines a wide range of gastronomic options including: Spanish food, Italian pastas, risottos, various types of ceviches, specialty meats: gourmet burgers and grilled meats, various options of pizzas, salads and wooks as well as very original drinks, natural juices, sweet cravings and ice cream.

Address: 1806 Alfredo Arocena Av.



mercados gastronómicos mercados gastronómicos mercados gastronómicos Mercados gastronómicos
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