Government House Museum (Estévez Palace)

Casa de Gobierno
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The museum was inaugurated in 1999 and has a permanent exhibition that traces the history of those who have been presidents of our country.

In 1873, Francisco Candelario Estévez, an Argentine bussinesman, entrusted the Captain of Engineers Eduard Manuel de Castel with the construction of a mansion with a viewpoint on its roof and with a style combined between the Doric and the colonial.

In 1878, Estévez went bankrupt and the house became the Bank of London and Río de la Plata, which sold it to the State. From that time until 1880 the house was the seat of government, then it became the seat of the Executive Power until 1985 when its function was reserved to develop protocol and museum activities.

On the tour of the Government House Museum you can see billboards, specific audio for each room, films and interactive screens, in addition to the objects collected from the presidents of Uruguay.


Plaza Independencia 776 esq. Florida

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Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.
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All audiences

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