Mario Benedetti Association

Fundación Mario Benedetti

The areas where the association's work stands out are the life and work of Mario Benedetti, literature and human rights.

It has a large collection of audio, visual and written materials on the life and work of Mario Benedetti.

In the seat of the association there is a museum where the most significant everyday objects of Benedetti's life can be found. Guided tours are held every day for foreign and Uruguayan visitors, and groups from educational institutions are received. In addition, the association has in use several pieces of furniture that belonged to Mario and his wife Luz, such as the shelves in his house that are now used as a library where his published works and his personal books are.

All the work of and on Benedetti can be consulted at the foundation and through the following link: Mario Benedetti Library.


Joaquín de Salterain 1293 esq. Guaná

Mondays to friday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm.
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