Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay, political and economic center of the country and administrative headquarters of MERCOSUR.

Its founding process takes place between 1724 and 1730. It was founded as a stronghold, next to the port on Río de la Plata, in the great bay from where you can see the hill of Montevideo. During this period, its colonization stage began with the arrival of Spanish families from Buenos Aires and the Canary Islands. Currently, Montevideo is a reference destination in Latin America. Throughout the year, the city offers visitors a varied cultural and recreational agenda, quality services, and captivating landscapes along with values ​​as precious as the safety and hospitality of its people. Montevideo is also a recognized venue for organizing professional, business and governmental congresses at an international level.

Discover Montevideo, where almost 300 years are palpitated from colonial histories to the city of the 21st century. Its memories, music, aromas, architecture, cultural expressions and cosmopolitan tradition are reflected in a colorful sky that mixes with the water that bathes its coast and its bay. It is a city that was built with travelers and visitors, that is why the joy of receiving visitors beats in Montevideo. Montevideo does not have a favorite season of the year, it is rediscovered in each one: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Montevideo, a city that breathes poetry and music, is a large open-air museum that is integrated with museums that address different themes. It is a city with a young spirit, in which there are quality theater premieres throughout the year, it has works of sculptural, mural, and architectural art in the more than a thousand squares that make the public space the privileged place of exchange of the citizens, of its different expressions but also of the city's link with nature. Montevideo is a green city, with one tree for every three inhabitants. The 30 kilometers of coastline of Montevideo are an experience that you can't stop living: looking at the horizon, enjoying a sunrise or sunset that will be stamped in your memory.

If you dare to discover Montevideo, you will soon confirm that it challenges all your senses, through tango, murga, candombe, good wine, gastronomic routes and corners that will leave you wanting to return. Montevideo is also countryside and you have to know it. I invite you to embark on this adventure full of stories, tradition of hospitality and warmth that make visitors always want to return. Montevideo invites you and we assure you that after knowing it, you will love Montevideo.