Montevideo Hill

Cerro de Montevideo

The Cerro has a height of 135 meters, at its top is the General Artigas Fortress.

Construction ended in 1811 and was the protagonist of important moments in the country's history. It houses a military historical museum and the first lighthouse of the Río de la Plata.

Excellent panoramic view of the bay of Montevideo. At the foot of the Hill are the Vaz Ferreira Park, the boulevard and the beach, unmissable places in Villa del Cerro.

Vaz Ferreira Park and Memorial of the Disappeared

The park, named in honor of the well-known Uruguayan writer and philosopher Carlos Vaz Ferreira, is an extensive green area conducive to recreation. In it is the Memorial of the Disappeared in memory and tribute to the detainees who disappeared during the last military dictatorship (1973-1985).

Their names are engraved on two glass plates, between which there is a stone path that begins on the coast and is followed as a sign of pilgrimage.

Fortaleza del cerro Fortaleza del cerro Fortaleza del cerro Fortaleza del cerro

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