Montevideo Tourist Association

Asociación Turística de Montevideo

The Montevideo Tourist Association is a non-profit association made up of people, companies and institutions with a common purpose.

Its goal is to promote and strengthen Montevideo as a tourist destination in favor of the common good, building bonds of trust, with a public-private governance formed by: the Municipality of Montevideo through the Tourism Division, the Ministry of Tourism and private tour operators.

The way it works is through a scheme of thematic groups made up of different private companies, which involve different areas related to tourism. Some of these groups stand out for their active working and number of parts such as the Cultural and Entertainment Offer Group that includes museums, wineries, tango, walks, crafts and services, that create a lot of proposals designed for tourists.


2020 Hosts 

Virtual interviews season organized by the Montevideo Tourist Association. It consists of meetings with protagonists of the tourist and cultural activity that will give an account of the host attitude that the capital city of the country has.

The host is that neighbor who understands the visitor and shows the beauties and opportunities that the city offers. The host looks at the visitor's mirror, commits himself to the other and understands it, he is the one who knows the territory and who proudly shows it interpreting it with quality and warmth.

All interviews are available on the Association's YouTube Channel.  


2020 Virtual Talks Season

Due to the health emergency that the whole world experienced in 2020, the Association decided to hold a series of talks through virtual platforms. The season is called “Cultural tourism focussed in the people. Montevideo in times of coronavirus”. The talks are focused on the consequences and opportunities of tourism and cultural tourism during and after this health crisis. Safe strategies were also thought out to improve the receiving of visitors.

All talks are available on the Association's Youtube Channel.  


Montevideo + Tours 

In March, the “Tours Month” takes place, where different tours offer an opportunity to get to know Montevideo in an entertaining and inspiring way. Proposals guided by suitable hosts invite you to explore the landscapes, history, culture and people of the city. Architectural, heritage, candombe, tango, bicycle, rural and wine circuits offered every day.


Montevideo + Museums

Within the framework of International Museum Day, in May the “Museum Month” takes place. During this month, more than 40 museums and exhibition halls in Montevideo offer memorable cultural experiences.


Montevideo + Cultural Tourism

During November, a varied agenda of cultural and entertainment activities is offered in different areas of the city. The different proposals are guided tours, museum visits, bike tours, wine tourism, tango, among others.


Accesible tourist package 

The association's partners created a package of accessible tourist products, in which a wide range of tourist services is presented for the enjoyment of people with some kind of disability. It includes accessible transport, accommodation, gastronomy, travel agency services, and also different tourist experiences, such as wine tourism for blind people, tours in tourist farm, bicycle and museums.


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