Museum of Migrations (MUMI)

Museo de las Migraciones
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The MUMI illustrates, explains and disseminates the phenomenon of migration.

It is characterized as a dynamic and comprehensive museum, permanently in tune with the visitor, with a bold and avant-garde design.

It values ​​the cultural heritage of migrant communities through the generation of synergies between the museum, citizens, researchers, artists, thus allowing us to visualize what human migrations have meant for societies.

The permanent exhibition of the museum presents a journey through the past and present of migration in Uruguay. A journey of three centuries through the country's migration is exposed through images, photographs, sounds and a valuable heritage shared by dozens of communities and people of different nationalities.

Open Wall

It is a space that contains the most important archaeological remains of the fortification of Colonial Montevideo, in the surroundings of a large covered plaza.

The museum grounds contain 60 meters of visible fortification, which were part of the defensive system of the eastern front. The area had a strategic value of great importance, since the sources of fresh water were located there, an essential and vital element for the first settlers of our lands.



Bartolomé Mitre 1550 esq. Piedras

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Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm. Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.
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