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Through the intelligent visit planner, you will be able to inform yourself and organize a stay adapted to your interest. Discover Montevideo and turned your trip into an experience full of emotions.


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In Montevideo you will find different places to stay, what best suits your tastes and needs. Hotels, hostels and much more.

Moneda y cotización
Currency and quote

The currency that is handled is the Uruguayan peso and it is advisable to have it when entering the country, however, the visitor can pay for some services with foreign currency: dollars, euros, Argentine peso or real, as well as with credit cards.

Días festivos

In Uruguay there are 15 holidays, among them there are working and non-working holidays, commercial and religious days. In any case, it is a secular country, where each religion has its space to celebrate its holidays.

How to get

To get to Montevideo, there are different means of transport that you can choose, among them you have plane, bus, car and boat.

Cómo moverse
How to move

In Montevideo you can move as you like, use public transport, which has a large number of bus lines, as well as taxis, remises and uber. Also you can select a more environmentally friendly option like bicycles or guided walks.

Documentación necesaria
Necessary documentation

To enter Uruguay, foreign visitors should only enter with their valid passport and those from neighboring countries with their identity document.


In Uruguay the common voltage is 220 v, the frequency is 50 Hz and the plugs are C / I / F / L type.

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Weather and seasons

Montevideo is a destination to visit all year round as it has a wide variety of options to discover in different seasons.