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Foto aérea de Montevideo

Montevideo is waiting for you! Do you dare to be surprised? I discovered Montevideo, where almost 300 years of history throb, from colonial times to the city of the 21st century.

Its memories, music, aromas, architecture, different cultural expressions and its cosmopolitan tradition are reflected in a sky full of colors that dialogues with the water that bathes its coast and its bay.

It is a city that was built with immigrants and travelers, that is why in Montevideo the joy beats when receiving visitors. Montevideo does not have a favorite season of the year, it is rediscovered in each of them: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Montevideo, a city that breathes poetry and music, is a large open-air museum that is integrated with museums that address different themes. It is a city with a young spirit in which quality theater premieres are given all year round. It houses sculptural works, murals and buildings of architectural value and has more than a thousand squares and small squares that make the public space the privileged place of exchange for Montevideans, at the same time that they link the city with nature.

Montevideo is a green city, with one tree for every three inhabitants. The city's 30 kilometers of coastline are an experience that cannot be missed: looking at the horizon, enjoying a sunrise or sunset that will be etched on your retina. If you dare to discover Montevideo, you will soon confirm that it challenges all your senses, through the tango, the murga, the candombe, the good wine, when traveling routes and gastronomic corners that will leave you wanting to return.

Montevideo is also a country and it is good to know it. I invite you to embark on this adventure full of stories, tradition of hospitality and warmth that make visitors always want to return. Montevideo invites you, and we assure you that after knowing it, you will love this city.