Photography Center

Centro de Fotografía (CdF)

Its aim is to show images related to the history, heritage and identity of Uruguayans and Latin Americans.

It works in the named Edificio Bazar, a historic building inaugurated in 1932 and where the emblematic Bazar Mitre worked since 1940.

It have nine spaces dedicated exclusively to the exhibition of photography: the three rooms located in the headquarters building and the photo galleries Parque Rodó, Prado, Ciudad Vieja, Villa Dolores, Peñarol, Unión, Goes, Capurro, Contemporary Art Space, created as open-air permanent exhibition spaces.



It has an accessible entrance and elevator.


Activities at the headquarters

Media library 

It is a place for reading and consulting books that has a collection of more than 3,000 books dedicated to photography in general.

The books that you wish to check must be requested the day before the visit through the form found on the website.

Guided tours of the exhibitions

The activity, aimed at the general public, offers a complement focused to the understanding and contextualizing the photographic samples and the creative work of their authors.

Photographic Balcony 

Visitors will be able to take pictures of Downtown from a panoramic point and through a guided tour they will be able to observe and learn more about the history of this emblematic building and its surroundings.

It is necessary to arrive 10 minutes before, no prior registration is required.
Children must be accompanied.
The visit is suspended due to rain.

Camera obscure

It consists of a completely dark room in which you can enter and understand the physical phenomenon that allows the existence of photography.

It is necessary to arrive 10 minutes before, no prior registration is required.

Free admission
Monday to Friday from 10am to 7:30pm. Saturdays from 9:30 to 2:30.

-34.905839, -56.197377