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The winery was founded in 1949 by Constante Dardanelli; years later his children began to use a new way of producing wine.

''Los Caminos del Vino'' has the purpose of promoting wine tourism and disseminating the identity, culture, way of working and the passion that Uruguay's main wineries have for viticulture.

Retail shopping center dedicated to the sale of fruits, vegetables and a gastronomic experience. 

Since 1923, they have made excellent quality wines.

The company finds in its facilities, the balance between technological advances and the old traditions of the family. 

The Melilla vineyard, where the winery is located, has approximately 10 hectares of Albariño, Chardonnay, Merlot, Tempranillo and Tannat vines.

Since 1937, the Bresesti family, of Italian origin, has worked in the production of artisan wines.

The Carrau Family has been part of a small group of families in the world who have dedicated themselves tirelessly and silently to cultivating a tradition that has transcended generations.

The grape harvest is the time of harvesting the grapes, generally those that will be used in the production of wine or liquor.

Places where food, music, culture, stories and travels are combined through the flavors.

With more than 115 years of history, the Santa Rosa "museum winery" is considered the oldest winery to produce fine and natural sparkling wines in Uruguay.

This gastronomic festival takes place in the month of June in the wineries of our country.