It is a multifunctional arena with high tech and modern equipment, being able to adapt to sports events, musical and cultural shows.

Places where food, music, culture, stories and travels are combined through the flavors.

Every year, on August 24, the biggest party in the country is held. In there old times are remembered.

The Sodre has three auditoriums and an exhibition hall.

It is the most important theater and the one with the greatest architectural value in the city.

Tango reflects the cultural brotherhood between Montevideo and Buenos Aires. Testimony of this is the shared distinction of Intangible Heritage of Humanity, declared by UNESCO in 2009.

Teatro de Verano “Ramón Collazo” is the largest open-air performance center in the city of Montevideo.

The building was inaugurated in 1894 and has a heritage property.

It is a public hall and a reference in the country, which presents music shows and films.