Accessible Transfer

Montevideo has accessible transport services. 



The city offers different urban and natural places of high scenic and cultural value that are perfect for cycling. 


In Montevideo there are many bus lines to travel to the destination you want.

Car rentals

If you want to tour the city by car, we name you the car rental companies that are in Montevideo, to make your trip more comfortable. 


Free Walking Tour

We recommend a walking tour in which, together with a guide, you will be able to visit the main tourist attractions of Montevideo.


Transport service for those who travel with a lot of luggage or who travel in a group.


Private Transfer

Transport service with driver that will take you from one point to another in the city.


If you want to get from one place to another faster, you can take a taxi to any direction.

Tourist bus

It is a good option to visit Montevideo if you have little time.