Tango and Turf Museum

Museo del Tango y del Turf

This historical chalet, famous for being the place where the tango singer Carlos Gardel spent his summers, has two important museums to visit, one dedicated to Gardel and the other to turf. The first has original pictures, objects and memories of the artist and also, an interesting semi virtual proposition where through smartphones you can enjoy multimedia content in English and Spanish. 



On the other hand, the museum dedicated to turf, has different trophies and sport shirts from the horses that made history in Uruguay and worldwide. 

The museum hosts the third sculpture of Gardel full-length that exists in Montevideo, in the case next to Leguisamos. The work was built by Alberto Morales Saravia, the same artist who made the ones in Parque Central and in the bar Facal in 18 de julio Avenue and Yi Street. 




Rimac y O'Higgins 1371

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Monday to Saturday fron 2pm to 6pm
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