Torres García Museum
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The idea of ​​a Torres García Museum began after the death of the artist Joaquín Torres García in 1949.

La Macarena “Al final del Humedal"
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La Macarena is a family fruit establishment with more than 18 years of experience located in Melilla, 25 minutes from downtown.

Museum of Pre Columbian and Indigenous Art (MAPI)
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The Museum offers a permanent exhibition of archaeological and ethnographic pieces belonging to different cultures originating from the American continent.

Science Space
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It was inaugurated in 1995 and is an interactive science center, as well as being a national benchmark in promoting scientific culture.

Biomas Park

It is a thematic, educational and recreational park with an area of more than 10,000 m2.

Children's space Maestra Enriqueta Compte y Riqué

Space with a variety of games for early childhood, girls and boys of school age and also for teenagers.

Lecocq Park

It is home of more than 500 animals. 33 different species of mammals, birds and reptiles live here, both indigenous and exotic.

Museum and Botanical Garden “Prof. Atilio Lombardo”

Inaugurated in 1902, the Botanical Garden of Montevideo is the only one in the country.

Museum of Natural History

It develops and maintains scientifique collections (biological, paleontological and geological) both for investigation and scientific dissemination. 



Panoramic viewpoint

It offers a unique panoramic view of the city.


Pittamiglio Castle

Walking through the museum you enter into the mysteries of a millenary practice, Alchemy.



With new technology and 8K resolution, it is capable of representing the entire known universe, from the size of molecules to the most distant objects known to science today.


Prado neighborhood is traditionally associated with the rich aristocracy society of the 19th century.

Rodó Park Games


Located in front of Ramírez beach, the amusement park has a mechanical playground and gastronomic facilities for the enjoyment of all types of public.

Rural and Natural Montevideo

The rural area of ​​Montevideo forms a green belt covering more than 60% of the territory of the city.