Recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it is a cultural manifestation originated from the arrival of slaves from Africa.

In the second half of the 18th century, the Port of Montevideo was the only entry point for enslaved Africans to the Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata.

At the end of that century, 35% of Montevideo's population was of African descent. In their hours of freedom they recreated rites from their ancient land, and around 1800 these celebrations were known as tangos or tambos.

The term "candombe" dates from 1830. Today "candombe" is also performed in the street, mainly on weekends and holidays. It is a meeting place to play the drum, dance or simply listen to accompany the procession.

On January 6, the drums commemorate the day of San Baltasar or the "Call of the Kings". On the first Thursday and first Friday in February, the troupes star in the "Llamadas parade" that runs through the traditional neighborhoods of Sur and Palermo.

"Llamadas" parade

For two nights, more than 40 troupes parade through the streets of the neighborhoods Sur and Palermo in a contest to nominate the best troupe of the year.

The route goes from Carlos Gardel St. and Zelmar Michelini St., passing through Carlos Gardel St. and Isla de Flores St., ending in Minas St.. The parade lasts approximately 4 hours.

Ticket sales

You can get tickets at different costs depending on where you want to see the show. The popular ones cost $ 240 and the preferred ones $ 480. In addition, tourist tents are available at a price of $ 780. The cabins cost $ 4,240, with a capacity for four people. These tickets can be purchased at Abitab stores across the country.

They are also available on the website of the Carnival Museum. There will be three cabins with preferential location and will have exclusive service from hosts, bathrooms and security.

The "Premium Stage" is located where the troupes make the classic "cut" to show their show to the fullest and costs U $ S 85 for Friday's session and U $ S 65 for Saturday's session. For both nights, a U $ S 130 pass is offered.

The "Palco Sur" is located one block from the starting point of the parade, where it vibrates with the companions at the beginning of the parade. For the Friday session the cost is U$S 70 and for the Saturday session it is U$S 50, for the two days the pass costs U$S 100.

The "Palco Palermo" allows you to vibrate with the magic of the parade up close and costs U$S 55 on Friday and U$S 35 on Saturday. The pass for the two in this box costs U$S 70.

In addition, you can hire the shuttle service for U$S 11 per person per day. This service is exclusive for hotels in the city center. Includes transfer from the Carnival Museum to the cabin, departure at 7:30 pm.

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