Agenda Cultural

During the month of December, taking advantage of the spring afternoons and the eve of the end of the year festivities, craft fairs are set up in different parks of the city.

It takes place at the end of January on 18 de Julio Av.

International Film Festival on Sexual Diversity and Gender in Uruguay.

This season is dedicated to women and is named after Dr. Adela Reta, for the 100th anniversary of her birth. 

This popular festival of candombe takes place in the month of February.


The best Uruguayan and regional horsemen come together in the Prado Creole Week, which brings together more than 200 thousand people each year.


Design Month is celebrated in June.


It takes place during the month of September.

It is celebrated on the last Friday of September. 

Through ecological vehicles, electric assisted pedaling, you can take a free ride through some of the tourist attractions of Carrasco.


It takes place in the month of September

It takes place on June 23.


This gastronomic festival takes place in the month of June.


It takes place on January 6.

It is celebrated annually in the month of October.

The Figari Museum found another way to interact with its visitors beyond virtuality.

Annual event that concentrates a huge variety of publications for all ages.

It is the largest tango event in our country and the oldest in the world in continuity.

Más de 40 museos y salas de exposiciones te esperan en Montevideo para ofrecerte experiencias culturales memorables.

Es un evento que se realiza anualmente con el objetivo de promocionar los museos del país.

Every December 3, the National Day of Candombe, Afro-Uruguayan Culture and Racial Equity is celebrated.

Se lleva a cabo el 24 de agosto

Carnival in Uruguay is the most important popular festival of the year.


It takes place on January 6.

One year after the first cases of covid-19, on March 13 the Centro de Fotografía (Photography Center) inaugurated the exhibition “Montevideo in times of pandemic”.

The Museum of Pre-Columbian and Indigenous Art (MAPI by its initials in Spanish) invites you to visit its new exhibition that can be seen from the street.

The Photography Center (Centro de Fotografía in spanish) proposes a virtual tour in 3D through the exhibition “Africamericanos” (African American).